Aug 02, 2021

There are many reasons why you need to understand emergency dentistry and know how it works to enjoy its benefits. This article will be outlining some of the advantages of emergency dentistry and its benefits.


This is an oral issue that is characterized by immediate treatment to stop chronic pain, bleeding, or treat infections that could be life-threatening. However, not all dental problems are considered an emergency, with most teeth issues being non-emergency cases, where the patient comfortably wait for several days before seeing their dentists. For example, cases like a chipped or broken tooth cannot be considered as dental emergencies as it does not cause pain.

Cases that require emergency treatments are often always painful and would require immediate treatment to create relief. Here are some oral issues that require a dental emergency.

An adult with a loose tooth: It is not normal for an adult to have open or wiggly teeth after maturity. A loose tooth is caused by an injury in the teeth and is often painful. The pain is normally relieved by an instant visit to the dentist to check for nerve or jaw damage and the things to avoid so as not worsening the condition.

An infection can also cause loose teeth, and an immediate dental Intention is usually the best way to determine the type of affection and best possible treatment to remedy the situation. This infection is usually caused by gum disease or dental carriers, resulting in loose teeth accompanied by toothache. Early treatment can help prevent infection from getting worse, spreading, or avoiding tooth extraction.

A swollen jaw:

This is usually a sign of a severe infection, mainly caused by an infection in the salivary gland. A patient experiencing a swollen jaw coupled with fever, difficulty in breathing/swallowing, and a bad taste in the mouth should seek the dentist’s attention immediately.

An infection in the salivary gland is usually a bacterial infection resulting from a blockage in the salivary glands. This blockage can stop the saliva from helping to break down food.

Bleeding Gums Accompanied by Aches

It is not normal for a patient to experience severe bleeding from the gums even after flossing, and this signifies an early sign of gingivitis or gum disease. However, if the patient has excessive bleeding in the gum, reoccurring bleeding, or aches in the gum, the patient will need to see the dentist immediately.

Swollen and aching gum is also an early sign of gum disease, and seeking help early, increases the chance of your gum being restored and kept healthy. However, if left untreated, it could worsen or result in permanent damage due to the severe damage in the latter stages.

A Dental Abscess:

This is a painful infection of the teeth’s root caused by gum disease, an untreated cavity, or trauma from a broken tooth. A tooth with an abscess is usually very painful and will require urgent dental attention.

Your Canker Sore Isn’t Getting Better

A canker sore is a regular occurrence in people and could be experienced several times. A canker sore usually leaves an open sore in the mouth when it occurs and may be confused as a normal injury in its earliest stages. However, if there is no improvement two weeks later, urgent treatment may be required.

Emergency dentistry is an essential part of dentistry and is a great source of relief due to its quick-fix procedure. Performing an Emergency treatment is not exactly difficult. However, if you feel you have a condition that may require instant treatment, it is important you consult your dentist for advice to know if you are fit for the procedure.

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