As pediatric dentists, we strive to offer the best amenities to all of our patients. This means including treatments and services that are inexpensive but uncompromising. Using our 12 years of experience, Kids First Dental in Roanoke, VA, offers the very best amenities possible.

Bilingual Staff

One of our most important amenities is our bilingual staff. The United States has no official language, and many children growing up speak more than one. To ensure our patients receive the best care and understand their treatment, Kids First Dental in Roanoke, VA, makes sure to keep employees on staff who are fluent in English and Spanish.

Free Wi-Fi

Waiting in a dental office is never fun for everyone, which is why we make sure we have a stable internet connection waiting for you to read the news, play games, and search the web.

Children’s Kiosk Station

We love to be child-friendly, which is why we have a kiosk station where children can play games on iPads. Plus, it puts children in a great mood before they receive treatment, helping them associate the dentist with positive emotions.

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If these amenities sound like the kind of things that you wish your dentist had, then schedule an appointment today with Kids First Dental in Roanoke, VA. We are currently accepting new patients and are glad to treat adults alongside kids. To make appointments more affordable, we have a loyalty program and accept the majority of insurance providers and Medicaid.

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