At Kids First Dental in Roanoke, VA, we take pride in giving our patients compassionate and comprehensive care. We strive to do everything in our power to ensure each of our visitors receives treatment that is effective, affordable, comfortable, and efficient. This means we offer a broad range of services and procedures to accommodate people of different ages and backgrounds.

Our Experience

Our first Kids First Dental office was established in 2008, almost 12 years ago. Since then, we have continued in our mission to provide some of the best care in the state to our numerous patients and their families. All of our providers possess years of experience and further education to ensure they remain up to date with the latest treatments and technologies. Just because our dental care is affordable doesn’t mean it can’t also be high-tech and accessible.

Our Name

We did not name our office Kids First Dental for no reason. It is an essential component of our practice’s philosophy, which is to provide a good experience for children. Many people often avoid going to the dentist as adults because of the negative experiences they had when they were young. By having a comfortable office, friendly staff, and efficient treatment, we hope to make every child’s visit to the dentist a positive one.

To encourage children to be more involved in their own dental care, we also include a few special elements in our office. These include an area for kids to play, as well as a no cavity club where kids can have their pictures hung on the billboard when they have a cavity-free visit.

Keeping Care Affordable

Kids First Dental wants to bridge the gap between excellent care, excellent service, and excellent prices. To do so, we offer numerous in-network options for most commercial private insurance and group plans. We also accept state Medicaid and care credit financing.

How to Receive Treatment

If you are interested in receiving affordable care in Roanoke, VA, then schedule an appointment today with us at Kids First Dental. We are currently accepting new patients and use the latest technology.

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