Reasons Why Your Child Needs Dental Extractions

Reasons Why Your Child Needs Dental Extractions

Sep 06, 2021

Even though dentistry is largely concerned with preserving natural teeth, in some instances, tooth loss is encouraged as a healthy dental practice. Having to lose your natural teeth is not an appealing thought, but it may be necessary. Dental experts invest their time and effort in pulling out a patient’s teeth because they understand that sometimes losing one tooth can salvage your entire oral cavity. As such, do not be afraid of going through with a dental extraction when your dentist recommends it.

What Are Dental Extractions?

They are dental procedures that involve permanently dislodging a tooth from its socket for the purpose of treatment. Tooth removal is a common practice in dentistry, usually done on a need basis. It implies that a dentist near you cannot randomly recommend a dental extraction unless there are adequate reasons to inform that decision.

Does Your Child Need Professional Dental Extractions?

If you thought that professional tooth extraction was for adults only, you are mistaken. Although most of the patients that undergo dental extractions are adults, children too can have their natural teeth removed by a dentist. The reasons for pediatric dental extractions may not exactly be the same as those for adults, but there are similarities. They include the following:

  1. For severely decayed teeth – many of the tooth extractions that pediatric dentists in Roanoke, VA, perform are as a means of treatment for dental decay. Children are very prone to dental cavities, usually between the ages of 6 and 14 years. The tooth cavities may begin small, but in time, dental cavities turn into severe dental decay. If you had not determined to have a pediatric dentist near you treat the oral cavities in your kid’s teeth, then your child will eventually need a tooth extraction for their decayed teeth.
  2. For stubborn baby teeth – at a point in your child’s life, they should begin losing their baby teeth to create room for adult teeth to erupt. This process happens naturally so that not all baby teeth fall off at the same time. As such, it should get to a point where all baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth. Although this process should happen gradually and naturally, dental extractions in Roanoke, VA, may be necessary to aid the progression of teeth development. Some baby teeth can be too stubborn to fall off without the intervention of a dentist near you. Further, some children need to have their teeth professionally extracted because of dental anxiety that can be limiting.
  3. For partially dislodged or damaged teeth – one of the many ways you will find an emergency pediatric dentist in Roanoke valuable to you is when your child has a partially dislodged or damaged tooth. It is a common occurrence in emergency dentistry, usually after a dental injury or accident. Your child’s emergency dentist may determine to perform a tooth extraction as a remedy to partial dislodging of a tooth. In other cases, the kind of damage incurred on a tooth can merit its removal. For example, if the tooth is severely cracked so that t sabotages the structure of the tooth and causes nerve damage.
  4. For orthodontics – Dr. Cristelle Rodriguez has to educate several patients regarding the role of dental extractions in orthodontics. Ideally, orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that allows for the straightening and realignment of teeth. The processes involve using different oral appliances to move teeth. However, when your child has an overcrowded mouth, he/she would require a dental extraction before any teeth aligners are used. The removal of one or two of your kid’s natural teeth will create more room in the mouth for the rest of the teeth to align properly.
  5. For impacted teeth – teeth are supposed to erupt in the natural direction when they grow. However, some teeth can grow in the wrong direction, which can cause them to remain partially stuck underneath the gum tissue. Some teeth can wholly be enclosed by the gums, which is a condition called impacted teeth. Such teeth can only be removed by a dentist through meticulous tooth extraction surgery.

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