Habit Appliances in Roanoke, VA

Habit Appliances in Roanoke, VA

Kids First Dental Offers Help to Break Thumb Sucking in Roanoke

Although it’s very cute to see your little one when they first start sucking their thumb, the truth is that if the habit is allowed to continue beyond the age of three or four, it can pose problems for your child’s future oral health such as chewing, speech, facial appearance, and more.

How Thumb Sucking Affects the Future of Your Child’s Smile

Although there’s a lengthy anatomical explanation, the easiest way for parents to understand the drawbacks to extensive thumb sucking is through a simple explanation. Although your child’s jaw is rich in its blood supply, it is conversely low in its calcium content. This means that prolonged sucking can cause the jawbone to become deformed. And even if this change in structure is very minor, it can have drastic impact on the shape of your child’s teeth when they erupt.

When this happens, most parents opt for costly orthodontic work which is both uncomfortable and embarrassing for their child.

Instead, Kids First Dental offers a wide array of gentle dental appliances – also known as habit appliance in Roanoke– that can be used now to both break the thumb sucking habit and reduce the need for more costly orthodontic work in the future.

Breaking the Home Remedy Myth

Although some parents may opt to try one of the home remedies that friends or family may recommend, thumb sucking has been identified as a deeply rooted pediatric behavior that typically required more professional intervention than most home remedies can provide. At Kids First Dental, we know that your child’s desire to stop sucking their thumb will ultimately determine the success of any intervention. That’s why we use the most successfully proven habit appliances in the industry to gently redirects your child’s tongue to a position where thumb sucking is not as pleasurable.


One and Done with a Habit Appliance from Kids First Dental


Not only are these habit appliances designed to help your child stop their sucking habit, but they are designed to be durable enough to last until your child’s adult teeth begin to erupt. Of course, we recommend that you adhere to the treatment plan and dental exam schedule that we’ll provide to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the oral appliance.


Save Your Child’s Embarrassment Now


Even very young children are aware of their appearance. This means they are capable of feeling self-conscious about their smile while they await their adult teeth. Why not help them now with a habit appliance so they’ll never have to worry about crooked teeth or gaps in their smile?

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