Fluoride Treatment in Roanoke, VA

Fluoride Treatment in Roanoke, VA

Your child’s developing smile deserves all the help it can get. At Kids First Dental, our dedicated team is committed to creating smiles that last a lifetime. For that purpose, your Roanoke dentist provides a professional fluoride treatment. We apply this cavity-fighting mineral to young or decay-prone teeth to add strength and cavity resistance. Preventive dental care is important, especially as your child grows. This includes proper oral hygiene practices at home, routine dental checkups, and fluoride treatments. That is a winning combination!

Fluoride for Stronger Teeth

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is present in water and some foods. While you may get a certain amount of the mineral from fluoride-fortified toothpaste and diet, it might not be enough. For some patients, professional fluoride treatment in Roanoke helps prevent decay and strengthens teeth. Therefore, fluoride serves as an added layer of protection.

Fluoride helps safeguard your teeth and oral health. The foods you eat and drink everyday cause sugars, acids, and bacteria to attack tooth surfaces. As a result, the enamel becomes demineralized over time. Over time, this damage can lead to decay, cavities, and gum disease. Fluoride restores the lost minerals and makes teeth stronger. It is an effective tool for developing teeth. Since most cavities develop in childhood, fluoride treatments are a great way to ensure a youngster’s teeth remain healthy and strong. Contact Kids First Dental today to book your child’s appointment.

Professional Fluoride Treatment in Roanoke

At Kids First Dental, we recommend that fluoride treatments be applied during routine dental visits. If you or your child have particularly decay-prone teeth, we may suggest more frequent treatments. This may be the result of not getting an adequate supply of fluoride from other sources. Topical fluoride at our Roanoke dental office is available in a foam, varnish, or gel form. This type of preventive dentistry is just one of the effective ways that our dental team maintains healthy smiles. To learn more about the benefits of professional fluoride treatments, call us today. We are eager to care for you and your child’s smile!

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