Dental Fillings near You Help You Display a Glowing Smile This Valentine's Day

Dental Fillings near You Help You Display a Glowing Smile This Valentine's Day

Feb 01, 2021

Are you approaching your first Valentine’s Day and are determined to show off your smile to your Valentine? Do you have some cavities on your front teeth that are preventing you from smiling? You undoubtedly have a predicament on your hands that needs a resolution before February 14, 2021. Do you know how you can overcome the situation confronting you?

Cavities are fairly standard and are in the mouths of most teenagers. There are treatments available to deal with cavities by getting dental fillings to help you smile without hesitation on the big day. However, you won’t allow yourself merely to remain concerned about your predicament. You must act immediately and contact the dentist near me to have the tooth evaluated and filled with a filling material of your choice.

How Did You Develop Cavities?

That you have cavities on your teeth confirms you allowed plaque and bacterial buildup to accumulate on your teeth by neglecting appropriate dental hygiene. You permitted the bacteria to feed on the sugars and starches you had to produce acids that eroded your enamel. The cavity developed after the bacteria penetrated the enamel to create a hole in your tooth.

If you have a cavity on the molars rarely visible when you smile, you can consider having a permanent tooth filling from the dentist. However, as the infection does not allow you to smile, it is apparent that the cavity is on your front teeth and therefore needs a restorative solution that resembles your natural teeth. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about tooth-colored fillings because they are readily available. When you visit the dentist to have your tooth evaluated, they offer you the best-suited solution for your needs. Most importantly, the procedure for getting dental fillings is completed by the dentist within the hour, leaving you free to begin smiling right now instead of waiting until Valentine’s Day.

The Dental Filling Procedure

When you visit a kid’s first dental to have your tooth filled, you may have questions in your mind asking you, “does tooth fillings hurt?” Your fears are calmed by the pediatric dentist in Roanoke, who explains the dental filling procedure before proceeding with the treatment.

If you are undergoing the dental filling procedure for the first time, you will undoubtedly fear how the dentist will deal with the cavity. Thankfully the dentist explains removal of the pollution in your tooth is essential to restore it to its original state. After that, the dentist applies a topical anesthetic to your gums near the affected tooth. After your gums are numb, the dentist injects local anesthesia that entirely numbs the area.

Dr. Cristelle Rodriguez then uses a dental drill or air abrasion instrument to remove a decayed area. The dentist also probes the area during the decay removal to determine whether all the pollution is removed. After decay removal is completed, the dentist prepares the hollow space for the filling by cleaning the cavity of any bacteria and debris leftover. If the decay is near the tooth’s root, the dentist may put in the lining of glass ionomer or composite resin to protect the nerve. Usually, after placing the filling material, the dentist cleans and policies your tooth.

If you have a tooth-colored filling on your front teeth, the dentist may use a special light to cure and harden the composite resin material after applying each layer. After completing the multi-layering process, the dentist shapes the composite material to achieve the desired result by trimming off any excess material and polishing the final restoration.

Can You Smile after Having Your Tooth Filled?

When you have tooth-colored fillings, the color and shade of the composite are closely matched the color of your existing tooth, making it appropriate for visible parts of the tooth. In reality, composite fillings chemically bond to the tooth structure to provide additional support to the tooth. The tooth preparation process is not extensive compared to other filling materials used to fill cavities on the molars. However, tooth-colored fillings require more time to apply than different varieties.

After having tooth-colored fillings, you will confront not challenges smiling and can show off your glowing smile to everyone around you, including your Valentine, on the big day. However, it would help if you maintained appropriate dental hygiene and prevented cavities from developing altogether on your teeth. All it requires is brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and visiting the dentist for six-monthly exams and cleanings. These practices are helpful to keep your smile looking great throughout the year and not just for Valentine’s Day.

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