How is Fluoride treatment will help you to improving sensitivity

How is Fluoride treatment will help you to improving sensitivity

Mar 01, 2021

Fluoride therapy uses Fluoride to help prevent tooth decay, make the teeth healthy, and improve the teeth’ sensitivity. Fluorine can also enhance tooth resistance, relieve tooth decay, reduce allergies, inhibit harmful bacteria, and so on.

Fluoride treatment is done in highly concentrated foam; the gel is applied to the teeth with a brush or mouthwash. The full rinse gel contains much more Fluoride than what is in your water or toothpaste, and it takes only a few minutes to apply.

Children take fluoride treatment during teething when their teeth erupt, and the pits and fissures on the teeth are generally shallower, so it is easier to remove dental plaque.

How is Fluoride treatment going to help you in improving sensitivity?

A large part of society is affected by hypersensitive teeth (dentine hypersensitivity). The pain occurs primarily when consuming cold and hot drinks as well as sugary and salty foods.

The cause of the pain is a change around the dentin, the most crucial part of a tooth. There is a cavity inside the tooth where nerve fibers and blood vessels run. The tooth neck and enamel serve as a protective layer for our teeth. If the receding gums and tooth neck is exposed, the tooth is sensitive to external stimuli and the

Dental diseases such as periodontitis or deep gum inflammation are often the cause of pain-sensitive teeth. Poor oral hygiene and the resulting accumulation of bacteria cause your entire teeth to become inflamed, which leads to teeth that are sensitive to pain. Untreated dental diseases cause the gums to recede and thereby expose our sensitive tooth necks.

At the first signs of toothache, you should see the pediatric dentist near you to identify and treat Fluoride. Fluoride treatment closes the exposed tooth necks and covers them with plastic. This treatment reduces the sensation of pain, protects your teeth from dental diseases, and protects the nerves often irritated by hot or cold.

The myth of Fluoride treatment

People confuse Fluorine and Fluoride- Fluorine is a halogen and is indeed very harmful: even the smallest quantities of the gas in the air can corrode our eyes and lungs. It is so dangerous because it is very reactive, i.e., it reacts very quickly with other substances.

For precisely this reason, it does not occur in nature in its pure form at all. Naturally, we only find it in salt form, such as in connection with sodium as sodium fluoride in our toothpaste. This salt has completely different properties than fluorine gas.

Fluoride is harmful- Anyone looking up the Internet will quickly come across reports claiming that fluoride damages the brain and is responsible for all kinds of diseases. But is it completely harmless? Fluoride is the most tried and tested compound; it relieves the hypersensitivity of your teeth.

Benefits of fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatment has several advantages for teeth:

  1. Helps the body make better use of minerals such as calcium and phosphate.
  2. To restore weak tooth enamel, the teeth do not re-absorb these minerals.
  3. To strengthen the teeth’ enamel, it attaches to the tooth structure as the teeth develop and makes them less susceptible to bacteria and cavities throughout life.
  4. It damages and even reverses cavities’ development by damaging the bacteria that cause the cavities.
  5. Postpone the need for expensive dental work
  6. Prolong the life of baby teeth
  7. Fluoride treatment prevents cavities and slows down the growth of bacteria:
  8. Fluoride restores the minerals on the surface of teeth where bacteria may erode tooth enamel.
  9. It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity and to avoid tooth decay.
  10. Fluoride treatment prevents dental caries’ deepest penetration into the teeth.

Fluoride treatment benefits both children and adults; you should visit our Pediatric dentist in Roanoke, VA today; our Doctor, Dr. Cristelle Rodriguez, will attend to you. Stay Proactive, protect your teeth, and book an appointment.

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