When Your Kid Needs to Visit an Emergency Dentist

When Your Kid Needs to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Nov 01, 2022

What is Dental Emergency?

When it comes to a dental emergency, you must find the right dentist quickly. You can delay treatment at home, but that could result in worse pain, discomfort, and even a more expensive procedure. Finding a pediatric dentist near you will help you avoid further damage and maintain your appearance.

Dental emergencies can occur for many reasons, including severe pain or bleeding. While dental checkups aren’t a true emergency, they may warrant an appointment if the situation is serious. In addition to pain, a true emergency may involve trauma to the mouth or airway.

Infections of the gums and teeth are common causes of dental emergencies, but not every infection is considered a serious issue.

The primary goal is to prevent life-threatening infections or maintain the airway open. Dental emergencies require the services of an emergency dentist.

What are the Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

You may visit an emergency pediatric dentist in Roanoke if your child has:

    • Dental abscess

Dental abscesses are a serious condition that should be treated by a dentist immediately. They can spread to the head, neck, and brain if left untreated. This is why your kid needs an urgent visit to a pediatric dental office in Roanoke.

A variety of things can lead to dental abscesses. Often, these occur because of trauma to the mouth or body. An untreated abscess will result in repeated infection, indicating a larger issue. A dental professional can check for hidden bacteria that could be causing the abscess and treat it immediately. They can also strain the immune system, making it more vulnerable to other illnesses.

The primary goal of getting emergency treatment is to prevent the infection from spreading and may require antibiotics. However, in severe cases, the treatment may involve surgery to drain the abscess, which can help reduce the pain and pressure. Emergency dentists are experienced in treating abscesses in children and will be able to treat your child with the proper medications.

    • Chipped tooth

Although you might think your child’s chipped tooth doesn’t need immediate attention, it is important to know that a tooth can become seriously damaged if left untreated. Most minor dental problems are easily addressed during routine checkups or as soon as the dentist’s office is open. Some common problems, however, require emergency dental care.

Generally, dental emergencies affect the crown portion of a tooth, which is visible above the gum line. If the tooth changes color or is bleeding regularly, it is time to visit the dentist immediately. A pediatric dentist in 24018 can examine the affected tooth and take X-rays to determine the severity of the damage.

    • Loose tooth

A loose tooth can lead to several issues, including the potential for the tooth to fall out of its socket. This can lead to the deterioration of jawbone tissue and altered facial structure.

You should visit an emergency pediatric dentist in Roanoke as soon as possible, particularly if you can find the tooth in the mouth. It is vital to avoid touching the tooth’s root and rinse the mouth with warm water to remove any debris.

    • Avulsed tooth

Visiting an emergency dentist will help you and your child get the best possible care after an avulsed tooth. This type of accident can be terrifying, but a lost tooth can be saved with prompt action. A dentist or an endodontist can save a knocked-out tooth if extracted as quickly as possible.

To begin, locate the tooth and try to keep it moist. Try not to touch the root, as this can cause further damage.

    • Gums are inflamed

When your kid’s gums become inflamed, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. This way, the dental team can examine your child’s mouth and treat the problem immediately.

If your kid’s gums are swollen, they may be suffering from gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease caused by too much plaque accumulation along the gum line. This plaque irritates the gum tissue and makes it bleed easily.

Take Action

Dental complications are preventable if treatment is started on time; therefore, visit Kids First Dental for assistance immediately after a dental emergency occurs.

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