Can Kids Get Dental Fillings?

Can Kids Get Dental Fillings?

Dec 01, 2022

Primary teeth start showing on your child’s mouth at around six months of age at the rate of about two teeth every six months. These teeth remain in place till their permanent or adult teeth erupt. Most parents assume that, since they are temporary, dental problems with primary teeth are not as big of a concern as with permanent teeth. However, this is not the case. You should treat your child’s oral health like your own, even when they have baby teeth.

As a parent, it is common to have many questions about your child’s oral health, including whether your child can get dental fillings, which is okay. There are dental fillings for your child’s teeth. You may also ask about the kind of fillings suitable for your child. Thus, excellent questions will be answered here to help you understand how to treat and prevent cavities in children.

What Kind of Fillings Do Dentists Use on Kids?

Some of the types of dental fillings in Roanoke used by your pediatric dentist near you on your child include:

    1. Amalgam Filling

Amalgam is one of the most trusted and oldest filling materials made from various metals, including copper, zinc, mercury, and silver. The presence of mercury sometimes scares some parents, but states that no studies have shown that amalgam fillings cause adverse health effects in people with no mercury allergies.

The good thing about amalgam fillings is that they are durable and very strong, making a great choice for molars exposed to extreme bite pressures. They are less expensive and last for at least ten years. Its material makes it easy to apply and takes less time than the other types of dental fillings, meaning this process can be completed in a single visit.

The drawback of using amalgam fillings is that they are metallic colored and can erode or tarnish over time, causing discoloration when your tooth meets the dental filling.

    1. White Fillings

The fillings in this category include galls ionomers, composite resins, and a combination type termed resin-modified glass ionomers. When applying these fillings, your pediatric dentist in Roanoke will remove the decay and clean the remaining tooth surface. Next, the white filling is applied one layer at a time and exposed to intense light to harden the material. Your tooth and the filling are then shaped and polished so that the result feels and looks as natural as possible.

The advantage of the white filling is that it’s an attractive finish making it virtually undetectable. Bonding to your teeth helps seal the dental filling and prevent further addition, less of your tooth needs to be removed since bonding holds the filling securely in place without needing a pocket formation.

The disadvantage of these fillings is that they are more complete, meaning that your child must spend time in the dentist’s chair at the pediatric dental office in Roanoke to complete the process. It is also relatively costly.

    1. Sedative Fillings

These fillings reduce the pain caused when the center of your tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed and irritated. In addition, a sedative filling reduces the chances of bacteria or saliva leaking into your tooth and irritating your pulp in the future. Some common types include eugenol and zinc oxide, which often contain clove oil.

They do not require drilling and are thus placed directly onto your tooth. This, makes it great for children with difficulty sitting still in the dentist chair at Kids First Dental Roanoke for an extended period. Sedative fillings are only used if your child’s tooth has been damaged by trauma or decay and requires immediate pain relief. The filling can stay in place for several months or a few years, provided that you ensure that your child maintains good oral hygiene as recommended by your dentist at 24018.

What Is the Best Filling for a Kid’s Teeth?

Most dentist recommends tooth-colored materials to restore children’s teeth. Dr. Cristelle Rodriguez says that the material is composite resin, making any work done unnoticeable. Dental fillings are invisible; your child will not have to worry about being teased in school or commented on by strangers. The material is good for baby teeth and also adult teeth. Visit Kids First Dental if your child has any oral health issues or if you want an emergency pediatric dentist in Roanoke.

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