Pros & Cons of Fluoride Treatment

Pros & Cons of Fluoride Treatment

Mar 01, 2022

For over seven decades, American tap water has contained trace amounts of fluoride as a preventive measure against tooth decay. It is estimated by the CDC that fluoridated water has reduced tooth decay by approximately 25 percent.

Fluoride treatments for children from the pediatric dentist near you offer even more significant benefits than fluoridated water to protect their teeth. In-office fluoride treatments are more beneficial to children at risk of tooth decay but might not be suitable for everyone.

This article looks at the pros and cons of fluoride and in-office fluoride treatments.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Professional therapies provided by the dentist 24018 applying a higher fluoride concentration to children’s teeth to improve their health and reduce the risk of cavities are in-office fluoride treatments. The in-office treatments are available in the form of solutions, gels, foam, or varnish. The fluoride used by dentists is not different from the fluoride in toothpaste. However, the therapy contains higher doses to offer immediate benefits.

Some high concentration fluoride treatments are also available over-the-counter that people can consider but only if recommended by a dentist.

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust. In some parts of the world, fluoride is present in excessive levels and considered harmful. However, the trace amount of fluoride added in water is deemed safe and beneficial for the community’s dental health.

What Are Fluoride’s Pros and Cons?

Fluoride’s Pros

Adding trace amounts of fluoride with water containing no fluoride is a convenient technique of improving the oral health of community members, including children. Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel, making it possible for the teeth to battle against dental infections like tooth decay, cavities, and other issues that might cause tooth loss. Fluoride also helps enhance bone density.

Presently two-thirds of American tap water is fluoridated, and the fluoridation has subsequently decreased the risk of cavities. As a result, underprivileged populations without access to regular dental care benefit highly from fluoridation. In addition, fluoridating water is more affordable and cost-effective than dental treatments such as cavity fillings.

Fluoride’s Cons

In recent times ethical concerns have been raised by people about water fluoridation. Some people think they must have the freedom to decide whether or not they must have fluoridated water without the government’s interference in the matter. Others think fluoridated water is outdated because all toothpaste brands have sufficient amounts of fluoride in their composition.

Some studies indicate that fluoride might contribute to the weakening of the bones besides the connective tissues of the joints. Fluorosis, a condition resulting in tooth discoloration, is a common side effect of fluoride. Fluorosis causes the teeth to appear stained by leaving a brownish hue on the teeth. Fortunately, it has no harmful effects on the teeth and is merely a cosmetic concern.

Recent studies by the National Institute of mental health stated that teeth damaged from fluoride might be associated with behavioral and psychological issues. Fluoride might also contribute to protein intolerance and protein indigestion. However, for children, fluoride treatment in Roanoke, VA, remains the cornerstone to reduce the risk of cavities, slow their growth, and delay the need for expensive dental work. Fluoride treatments also help prolong the life of baby teeth and reduce the time and money people have to spend with dentists for unexpected treatments.

Naysayers are present in every field of life and medical treatments. Fluoride treatments are not an exception to the rule. If getting fluoride treatments for your kids from Dr. Christelle Rodriguez helps prevent gum disease, reduce tooth pain and prevent premature loss of teeth, would you consider believing the naysayers or rely on the information available for over seven decades confirming fluoride treatments effectively strengthen tooth enamel to reduce cavities by a large margin? We are confident you wouldn’t and would continue to impose your confidence in the statement by the WHO confirming that oral health is a significant predictor of overall health. Research now reveals that poor oral health can contribute to other health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

If you want your kids to enjoy excellent oral and overall health, you must ignore the cons of fluoride treatments and continue imposing your faith in the benefits they can get from this affordable treatment to battle tooth decay and cavities.

If you think your kids need fluoride treatment and are convinced by this discussion, please schedule an appointment with Kids First Dental — Roanoke to get fluoride treatments for them.

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