Pediatric Dentistry: The Right Time to Start Brushing

Pediatric Dentistry: The Right Time to Start Brushing

Mar 01, 2020

Most people don’t know when they should start taking good care of their kid’s teeth or why they should do it. In this article, we will discuss when to start brushing and brushing techniques, among other information in children’s dentistry.

You should start taking good care of your kid’s teeth as early as possible. Yes, the baby teeth are used temporarily, but they lay the foundation for your child’s permanent teeth. If you don’t take proper care of the baby teeth, then the permanent teeth will be affected.

Decayed baby teeth can also affect your kid’s nutrition as well as his/her speech. That’s why you should ensure your child’s teeth stays as healthy as possible. Lost baby teeth can also make the permanent teeth come in as crooked. Also, teaching your kid proper oral hygiene techniques at an early age help develop good habits.

What is the Perfect Age to Start Brushing?

You should start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first baby tooth erupts. However, during this time, you should not use a toothbrush. Use a clean damp washcloth or a gauze to clean it. Wipe the tooth as well as the gums after every meal.

After your baby has developed several baby teeth, you can start using a baby’s toothbrush. Use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste while brushing the teeth.

Make sure that the toothbrush is soft-bristled and has a small head that cannot cause any discomfort while you are brushing your child’s teeth. Your pediatric dentist can help you choose the right toothbrush.

While brushing, ensure that you clean your kid’s gums as well. Cleaning the gums helps fight bacteria formation, which promotes overall oral health. Instead of using a toothbrush to clean your kid’s gums, use a soft rubber or damp cloth.

Should You Use Fluoride Toothpaste On Children?

The American Academy of pediatric dentistry suggests that you can start using fluoride toothpaste as early as the first tooth erupts. You don’t have to wait until your kid is two years old to start using the toothpaste. Just ensure you don’t use it in excess. Your pediatric dentist can help you get the right measurements.

Your kid is likely going to swallow the fluoride, don’t panic because such as small quantity can’t cause any damage to his/her teeth. During the second year, teach your kid how to spit after brushing.

Dos and Don’ts during Teething

It takes up to two years before your kid develops all his/her baby teeth. This process where each tooth emerges is called teething, and it is usually very uncomfortable for the child. It can make your kid cry and fuss for weeks. Other symptoms of teething include swollen gums, higher than normal temperature, and drooling.

How you handle your kid during this time can help reduce the discomfort. These tips can help you out:

  • Do use teething rings. Just ensure that the rings are big enough not to choke him/her.
  • Don’t use teething rings with liquids that could break open
  • Do use topical pain relievers rubbed on the gums
  • Don’t use pain relievers that contain benzocaine.

FDA warns against such products since they have serious side effects that can be threatening to a child. Your pediatric dentist can recommend the right painkiller for your kid during teething.

How to Prevent Cavities

Children are very prone to cavities, and it is your duty as a parent to ensure you prevent them as much as possible. There are a few things you can do from home to help your kid prevent decay. These things include:

  •  Feed your kid enough breast milk, formula, and water
  •  Avoid giving your kid sugary things like sodas, fruit juices, and other sugary drinks.
  •  Clean your kid’s teeth and gums after every meal. You can use a clean washcloth or a soft-bristled baby toothbrush.
  •  Use cell salts. Cell salts are proper supplements that can help you promote proper oral health for your kid. However, you should never administer them without your doctor’s guidance.
  •  Try oil pulling. This method is not recommended for kids below the age of five years.

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