Is Emergency Dental Care Always Successful?

Is Emergency Dental Care Always Successful?

Jun 02, 2022

Consider a situation where your child has a severe toothache or other oral issues, and you think your dentist might provide the treatment needed only to be disappointed when informed they don’t and request that you search for an emergency dentist near you for your child.

If managing a dental emergency is challenging, doing so with a howling child becomes doubly tough. Instead of looking around for an emergency dentist, you must take your child to the pediatric dentist in Roanoke, VA, providing emergency services to children whenever required.

What to Expect When Arriving at the Pediatric Dentist’s Office?

Expect the pediatric dentist near you to address your child’s pain immediately upon arrival. The professional understands the agony your child is going through and makes every effort to ensure they alleviate the pain and preserve the tooth.

The dentist in 24018 will evaluate your child’s tooth to determine whether they have severe decay or any other infection and determines the best treatment available for their situation in the prevailing circumstances. For example, if your child has a deep cavity, the dentist recommends restoring the tooth immediately using dental fillers or other techniques. In addition, the professional ensures they take the steps required to relieve your child of the pain they feel.

Success and Failure of Emergency Dental Care

Not all dental emergencies are similar because they vary in nature. For example, if your child has a simple toothache without excruciating pain, they might find relief from pain relievers or a dental cleaning to remove food particles trapped between their teeth. Unfortunately, if the toothache emanates from a deep cavity where the bacteria has infected the dental pulp, your child might have to undergo a pediatric root canal requiring several days of healing and minor discomfort.

Determining the success or failure of emergency dental care is just as challenging as identifying a dental emergency. Emergency dental care alleviates the pain you experience and preserves your tooth. Emergency dentists can help you during difficult circumstances to ensure you don’t have to spend considerable sums on extensive treatments by providing immediate relief to the problem experienced.

Emergency Dental Care Is Almost Always Successful

If your child loses a tooth while playing and you rush to the emergency pediatric dentist nearby, they might not recommend splinting the tooth back into its socket unless it is a permanent adult tooth. Instead, they recommend having a space maintainer or a partial denture to prevent your child’s remaining teeth from moving towards the vacant gap left by the missing tooth. The space maintainer or partial denture helps prevent orthodontic problems in your child’s mouth. And the same time, it also provides your child with a replacement tooth to hide the gap left by the missing tooth. Would you consider the treatment successful or not? After all, the service provided by the dentist prevents considerable expenditure later on orthodontic treatments and helps your child retain the functionality of their mouth by providing replacement solutions.

Dentists always work towards providing successful treatments for every patient, including children. They are professionals with thorough knowledge of dental anatomy and are constantly engaging in ongoing education to provide safe and effective treatments to their patients.

The medical fraternity is not invincible, and neither are dentists. Treatments of all types can fail for various reasons, and dental treatments are not an exception. However, if you confront a failure for any reason, please do not shift the blame to the dentist or try shirking your responsibility.

Dental infections don’t develop in your mouth or children’s mouths overnight. They result from inappropriate dental hygiene habits and neglect to visit dentists for exams and cleanings. Dentists are not around merely to offer treatments when you are in pain. They can also help prevent pain from developing when you visit them every six months for routine checkups.

Dr. Christelle Rodriguez frequently reminds patients to remain diligent with their dental visits to identify issues with their teeth. The professional creates a treatment plan explicitly for the patient and recommends preventive measures that help prevent severe injuries from sporting activities or falls.

If you and your kid follow the dentist’s advice, the chances of searching for an emergency dentist at odd hours of the day diminish significantly. Therefore when searching for any dentist, please do not consider the success or failure of the treatment offered by the dentist. Instead, prefer a plan to safeguard your dental health by visiting Kids First Dental for a routine exam today and stay on top of your dental.

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