Importance of Dental Extractions in Emergency Dentistry

Importance of Dental Extractions in Emergency Dentistry

Jun 01, 2020

A lot goes on in dentistry. Different dental experts specialize in different areas of dental care so that every patient has their oral needs met. From time to time, all dentists handle oral emergencies. However, some dental experts specialize in dental emergencies.

Finding an emergency dentist when you have an urgent dental problem is only but the beginning of your wellness. A big part of the process has to do with appreciating that the outcome of your treatment might not always be in alignment with your preferences. One of the main treatments offered in emergency dentistry is tooth extractions, which is not a favorite for everyone. Even then, the extractions are important to handle most oral emergencies. Read on for more information on emergency teeth removal.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

They are dental works performed to remove an adult tooth from their roots. Ideally, the process involves incorporating controlled pressure to shake up the tooth from its foundation. In Kids First Dental, tooth removal for children is not an unusual service. Most children may require a dentist to remove their baby teeth, to create room for the adult teeth. However, as dentists in Roanoke, VA will tell you, tooth extractions are not exclusive to children. Adults too have their teeth removed, for different reasons.

One of the most common tooth removal treatment for adults in wisdom teeth removal. More adults than not, suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, making their daily oral activities hard to achieve. Other than that, a dentist may have to remove your teeth because of the following reasons:

  1. Risk of infection
  2. Severe dental decay
  3. Orthodontic reasons
  4. An abscessed tooth, to mention a few.

Should a dentist recommend the removal of your tooth, do not doubt that there is a valid reason to inform the decision. This is because dental experts are always working to save natural teeth, and increase their longevity as long as possible.

Dental Extractions for Emergency Dentistry

If you are checking in in an ER near you, be open to the idea that you could lose your tooth or more. Most dental emergencies greatly compromise the state of natural teeth. in a matter of urgency, therefore, the dental expert will be inclined more toward reducing damage and progression of the problem, over saving a tooth. On several occasions, dentists remove teeth as a response to an urgent oral problem. Some of the areas where this is necessitated include the following:

  1. Broken tooth – if a huge chunk of your tooth has been broken, then what remains might be hard to save. A dentist will measure the severity of your broken tooth by checking the pain levels, as well as the size of the tooth remaining.
  2. Knocked-out tooth – most knocked-out teeth can be restored. Unfortunately, not all patients make it to an emergency dentist in time to have their teeth restored. Besides, if you do not handle the tooth appropriately after your accident, the tooth might not be fit for restoration.
  3. Risk of infection – if the urgent oral problem you have has to do with an infection, then you may end up losing a tooth or more. Your dentist will examine the health of your teeth to check for any risks of infection. Sometimes a tooth is removed to prevent infection from spreading throughout your oral cavity.
  4. Severe dental decay – dental decay is one of the main reasons why patients have their teeth removed. Severe dental decay can severely compromise the health of your oral cavity. Other than putting the rest of your teeth at a high risk of infection, a decayed tooth can affect your gum tissue as well as your jawbone.
  5. Wobbly teeth – in the case of severe gum disease, it is not only the gum tissue that is affected. The disease also weakens the bone tissue. This, and the receding of the gum tissue, can sabotage the stability of your teeth. when this goes on for too long, your dentist may have no choice than to remove the affected teeth, before the weaken the foundation of the rest.


Tooth extractions are not the worst thing that could happen to you. If anything, in times of dental emergencies, they may be the best way to treat you and alleviate your pain completely.

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