How to Take Good Care of Kid’s Teeth After Halloween

How to Take Good Care of Kid’s Teeth After Halloween

Oct 01, 2020

One thing associated with Halloween is candies. Candies are sweet and everything, but they are also a real menace to the teeth. If you are not careful, the Halloween celebrations may end up costing your child her teeth.

Since this is a dental clinic blog, you probably think we will tell you to ditch the candies and give your children a dental floss. Well, we are not going to ask you to do that. After all, what is Halloween without candies?

Enjoying sugar once in a while is not dangerous as long as you do it in moderation. Before we discuss how to take care of teeth after the holiday, let’s explore how to prevent cavities after eating candies.

Timing is the Key

The last thing you should think of doing is giving your kids the sweets a few minutes before they go to sleep. Keeping their teeth healthy will require you to pick the perfect time to issue out the candies. One of the best times is immediately after lunch or dinner.

During such times, the saliva is more in their mouths, which helps rinse away the sugars from the sweets. If the sugar is left on the enamel, it interacts with bacteria forming acids. These acids attack the enamel, leading to cavities. Additionally, you can use the candies as an incentive to make your children finish a healthy meal.

Set Some Limits

Just because it is Halloween, it does not mean your children should take candies until they pass out. When it is time for them to enjoy some sweets, pick their favorite from the candy bag. Don’t give them the whole bag. That will send the wrong message that candies are great and should be eaten as much as possible.

While giving out the candies, take that time to educate your children about the effects of candies on their teeth. Make them understand that candies are not the only thing they can enjoy on Halloween.

All Candies Are Not the Same

Many parents think all candies are the same, but that’s not the case. Some are slightly better with your children’s teeth, while some pose serious threats. One thing you should consider while issuing out these candies is the time they stay in the mouth.

Sticky sweets, for example, stay in the mouth for a long time. This increases the risk of cavities. The sticky the candy, the longer it takes to get washed up by the saliva. Opt for sweets that spend less time in the mouth.

Encourage Exchanging Candy for Something That Is Not Candy

Some dentists conduct Candy Buy Back programs whereby the children can exchange candy for some dollars. You can then donate this money to a local charity, or use it to buy toys or tickets to the movies.

Taking Care of Kid’s Teeth After Halloween

Now that you know how to handle this Halloween perfectly let’s discuss how you can ensure your kid’s teeth remain healthy after the holiday.

Don’t Over-Brush

Asking your kid to clean her teeth immediately after eating candy may seem like a great idea, but it is not. Studies show that brushing teeth just after taking acidic drinks or foods may do more harm than good. You will need to wait for a few minutes (preferably 30+ minutes) before you ask her to brush her teeth.

Acidic foods make the enamel softer, and your child may end up damaging the enamel while brushing. Ideally, have your child drink some water after eating the candies, but wait at least 30 minutes before you ask her to brush.

Visit the Dentist

There is no better way of protecting a child’s teeth than regular dental exams and cleanings. It is ideal to take your kid to the dentist for a dental cleaning after Halloween. That way, you will be sure all the sugar on the enamel is gotten rid of, and your child has healthy teeth. The dentist may also notice some developing infections and deal with them as early as possible.

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